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Clients appreciate our comprehensive support for SCORM—the industry’s standard for reusable content modules. You can: upload SCORM modules to your library and share them, use SCORM assignments to assess learners , display SCORM modules with a course module or in a separate window, and embed a SCORM module within a course module. We feature numerous navigation choices and an autoplay option.

credit cards

Payment gateways

Your consumers will have ample choices if you take advantage of our purchasing features. You can design your course catalog to allow learners to select courses according to price and then to pay via PayPal, Strip,, or direct credit card purchase. Incentivize purchases by offering multiple discount codes and accepting multiple currencies through our shopping cart.

Common Cartridge

Common Cartridge Format

Transferring content between LMS suppliers can be done easily because we provide support for Common Cartridge Format, the industry standard for creating, importing, and exporting LMS content.



You can configure our LMS to use your existing LDAP system for authentication. FirstClass LMS also supports enabling LDAP sync. With this feature, LMS accounts are automatically generated from LDAP information when a user initially logs in.



We make writing programs a headache-free process. Our API ensures you can easily write programs that benefit from the full capabilities of our platform; the API is based on HTTPS and JSON, which are the premier ways to support programmatic access. A newly-written script can automatically import learner grades through the API and later load them to a third-party system. Additionally, administrators can access course-reporting data and load it to an outside dashboard or reporting system.


Student Information Systems (SIS)

Clients value our time-saving features for data synchronization. You can easily and quickly synchronize data (e.g., accounts, sessions, and courses) to our LMS from your SIS. Instructors can automatically create new courses and sessions near the beginning of a new semester. Creating and updating student (learner) accounts is just as easy when instructors use our auto-sync feature.



Your instructors won’t have to lose any sleep over plagiarism. We are integrated with TurnItIn, which means instructors can have assignments automatically and quickly reviewed for plagiarism.



Our Skype integration allows learners to chat with each other via Skype. We currently support one-to-one Skype chat.



FirstClass LMS offers a cloud-based email service that you can configure to send and receive emails through your organization’s regular email server, reducing the likelihood of your email ending up in a spam folder.


Calendars (iCal)

We provide live iCal feeds that allow users to subscribe from any popular calendar client. The LMS calendars will appear in the calendar learners and instructors are accustomed to using. 

import export

CSV import/export

Importing and exporting spreadsheet data is a seamless process with FirstClass LMS because account information can be exported to or imported from a CSV format. This compatibility means you can export grades, summary notes, and attendance to common spreadsheet programs and also perform bulk imports of enrollments, grades, accounts, and classes.



Our deep integration with GoToMeeting allows you to schedule web conferences using our built-in calendar.

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