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Features & Benefits



Our system is user-friendly! The Amazon cloud hosts our LMS, which means there’s no need to download, install, or maintain it. The platform’s built-in redundancy guarantees a 99.99% uptime, with no loss of documents. You can rest assured knowing that our LMS has constant monitoring. More than that, we remedy problems and bugs almost as fast as they are identified.

pay as you go


Businesses can select from our low-cost, pay-as-you-go plans that can be upgraded or downgraded with ease. Monthly cost is determined by how many active learners (those who access a course or group at least once a month) visit your business each month.



When users are on the move, they can access the full feature set of FirstClass LMS through mobile devices. We offer customized interfaces accessible as browser-powered web apps for each type of phone or tablet on the market.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Hate owners’ manuals and user guides? We do, too! FirstClass LMS is so easy to use that online help or guides are not required to establish and run your site. Our customers compliment us on how they have created their sites without outside assistance or training.



To ease your burdens, our cloud-based LMS integrates with a broad range of systems including Authorize.net, SIS, TurnItIn, LDAP, Calendars (iCal), and SMTP/POP3. You can also use our API for custom integrations.  Our customers play a key role with FirstClass LMS because we regularly add new integrations based on user feedback.



Our dashboards are user-friendly for administrators, instructors, and learners alike. The most important data appears in a single-page view. Administrators view tiles for topics including resources, enrollments, and accounts while learners see tiles for each course. Within that display, the learners can access the course image, progress bar, and various presentations of their grades.   



Customers rave about how they can tailor FirstClass LMS’s e-learning platform. Full web customization is supported by custom CSS and custom HTML, but most clients are thoroughly satisfied with our other options that can be customized, which include fonts, shortcuts, color schemes, the logo, and URL configuration. The color picker can assist if you struggle to select that perfect color, and the text edit feature enables administrators to customize the website’s message, making it easy to design a site tailored to the unique needs of your learners .



Instructors have many choices when choosing learning tools. FirstClass LMS supports blogs, groups, wikis, forums, and chat rooms. Instructors can choose the tools they want to enable for each individual course. If instructors are interested in collaborating across courses, they can use tools for a group of learners enrolled in varied courses. This customization encourages broad, cross-disciplinary training that leading companies frequently value.


Network sites together

Our LMS enables you to connect sites into a network, which then gives you many management options. You can administer the network through a single administrator account. Instructors can share resources through the resources library at the network level. The network also offers users the opportunity to cross-teach and cross-enroll between sites.


Reporting and analytics

FirstClass LMS offers strong reporting and analytics tools that allow instructors to create reports and charts of a multitude of data including module progress, student activity, assignment grades, missing work, proficiency coverage, course status, resource usage, and completion status. The data is available for viewing via our API for use by third-party reporting packages. We’ll soon offer a custom ad-hoc reporting package.


Course catalog

Your course catalog can be arranged based on text or graphics and ordered alphabetically or by category. We offer a drag and drop feature for user convenience. Learners can purchase courses directly from the course catalog if you use our e-commerce abilities.


Secure and reliable

Our LMS has had 99.99% uptime and zero security breaches since launching in 2007 - statistics that show our security is as strong as our customization abilities. FirstClass LMS is secure and dependable because we used advanced design techniques and premier monitoring tools.


Instructor-led and self-paced

The types of courses our clients can design are almost limitless because we offer support for instructor-led, blended, and self-paced courses. Even our dropdown menu list of current courses is highly configurable. When teaching multiple sections of a course, instructors can push changes from the master copy to each course section. They can also save course templates for reuse in our library. Our system also supports co-instructors and allows for time-based student deactivation. Instructors can enroll learners through file import, email, and the student roster, or they can grant access codes so learners can enroll themselves.


Module authoring and navigation

Neither administrators nor instructors need technical knowledge to use our LMS to create strong, effective learning modules. A sampling of user-friendly features include: the ability to upload and embed all forms of media (e.g., Google Docs, MS Office Suite documents, audio, and video); a simple navigation system; a drag and drop tool that allows you to reorder module sections or the modules in their entireties; a customizable navigation bar; and a tracking system for recording your progress and time spent in a module.



Your consumers will have ample choices if you take advantage of our purchasing features. You can design your course catalog to allow learners to select courses according to price and then to pay via PayPal, Strip, Authorize.net, or direct credit card purchase. Incentivize purchases by offering multiple discount codes and accepting multiple currencies through our shopping cart.



We offer many options through our certificate builder. You can create customized certificates for your training courses that you can then share with our resources library. Generate PDF versions of your certificates that can be downloaded or printed. Certificates with expiration dates can be automatically or manually awarded upon class completion. You are also able to set prerequisite certificates for courses.


Curricula and proficiencies

Creating your curricula and tracking student progress has never been easier. Our curriculum builder helps you develop curricula, or you can rely on the built-in US common core standards. You'll have flexibility using your curriculum, such as having the option to share it through our resources library. Our LMS allows you to compare content and assessments with proficiencies, making coverage analysis of your curriculum a breeze. When you track student progress based on proficiencies, we provide a detailed review of student comprehension. 



FirstClass LMS’s gradebook is packed with high performance features that include pop-up analytics and fill and import options. The full window and course dropdown modes offer one-click access. Instructors can customize viewing options such as the ordering of assignments and learners, and how grading term summaries and overall grades are displayed. Instructors can choose to export grades via API or CSV file.