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Rapid response support forum

Our support staff is available to make your life easier. Most questions posted to the support forum receive an answer in 15-30 minutes, and our method of electronic support quickens the Q&A process by making it easy to share screenshots, videos, links to examples, and other media. Your immediate problem will be fixed, and we’ll also share the solution with other members - a process that helps accumulate knowledge collectively.

support center

Help center

Our help center’s extensive features guarantee assistance is right at your fingertips. The searchable help center organizes topics by account type and provides API documentation for developers. It includes one-click access to our support and discussion forums, how-to videos, roadmap, suggestions area, and getting starting guides.


web-based training

Web-based training

You and your staff can enjoy in-depth, web-based training without ever leaving your office. Our web-conferencing tools provide real-time presentations of our site, so you have the benefits of a live, personalized training session without the added cost of having us travel to your location.


Customized delivery

FirstClass LMS offers customized training that you can request on a variety of topics. We can recommend the topics that should be covered once we assess your experience with our platform.

self-paced classes

Self-paced classes

Self-paced courses built from our platform guide you through basic, intermediate, and advanced features (Spring 2016). Learners receive an automatically generated certificate upon course completion.


Video library

How-to videos in our help center make studying and mastering our feature set an easy—and enjoyable—task. We add new videos on a regular basis, so our help center is continually growing.




FirstClass LMS offers support for setting up your e-learning site, such as configuring your custom URL and log in widget, developing your portal menu and slides, selecting an appropriate color scheme, preparing your logo for embedding, and integrating with your email and authentication systems.  


API integration

Using our API, you can easily create programs that benefit from the full capabilities of our LMS. Additional functionality is also supported when we extend our API by request.

content migration

Content migration

FirstClass LMS can assist with migrating existing content to our platform. We even create custom migration tools as needed.

content creation

Content creation

You can create customized e-learning website content by consulting with our content creation partners.



We conduct site audits and share feedback on how your site currently functions and ways to improve it.